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We partner with Colorado bakers, butchers, distributors and fish mongers. We run the business right here in Denver and pride ourselves on our accessibility and responsiveness to our PreFare family members

We provide an everyday gourmet experience.

Our meals take 15 minutes or less to prepare. Really! Our chef preps your meals so it’s quick and easy to prepare and enjoy with those you love. Each week we make all sauces from scratch, chop select ingredients, dice most vegetables, par cook select grains, mince up items like garlic, and shred and peel items from carrots to the often challenging but tasty ginger root.

We strive for minimal waste.

Our packaging doesn’t involve mailing a giant cardboard box to you that’s filled with tons of ice packs and endless small little plastic bags that can’t be reused. Our containers are recyclable or compostable and we reuse our coolers and ice packs.

We're flexible

With flexible ordering, you can choose whether you use PreFareas a subscription or strictly a la carte. You can even plan for an event by getting multiple servings of one kit, no matter how you set your account up. Sweet right?

We're real people

Our service is personalized. In no time, you’ll know your friendly PreFare delivery driver by name. They may even offer up some cooking tips if you’re nice.

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