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We grew up sharing delicious meals and lively conversations with our families. Some of our best memories were made around the dinner table.

Doug Humble
Prefare Founder

As the pace of daily life quickens, we know it becomes harder to carve out time to make a meal from scratch to enjoy with those you love around the dinner table. . . That’s why we came up with PreFare.

We are continually searching for local farms as well as pushing the envelope regarding environment stewardship as every turn, be it eliminated plastic within packaging or reuse of all ice packs.

With Prefare, you can spend more time around the dinner table, with the people you love.


The Three People Behind the Magic

Doug, our Hungry VP, is a man with a plan. He founded PreFare and spends his days making sure the PreFare family (that's how we consider our customers) has the best experience possible.

Doug teamed up with Edwin, our President, in 2015. Frankly, Edwin knows his stuff. After coming to America from Mexico, Edwin earned his 'chops' working for a decade in chicken factories before moving rising the ranks. He served as Vice President of Boulder Natural Meats for 14 years and currently is Vice President of Colorado Native Foods.

The missing ingredient to the companies larger successes was the additional of our third partner & culinary director, Susan Ardito, who as you'll read as taken the Prefare concept to new frontiers.

Collectively, they overlap just enough to bring a perfect service to your doorstep!

Our Culinary Director

Susan Ardito Wysocki runs Prefare’s culinary team. Since 2016, her leadership & creative direction have enabled a dish inventory of over 250 dishes.

"Some of my fondest memories of childhood revolve around cooking and dining with family, and I am happy to bring that experience to the home cook."

A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Susan previously worked with well-known American chefs, Paul Prudhomme and Larry Forgione. She also owned two successful restaurants in Poughkeepsie, NY, for 14 years. Susan co-authored Math for the Professional Kitchen in 2012.

Susan loves developing restaurant quality meals for people to cook and enjoy at home with friends and family.

Find your next favorite meal, today!