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How It Works

Customize your menu

Select your weekly menu from our varied list of delicious meals.

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Our refrigerated vans deliver your meals right to your doorstep.

Customize your menu

Select your weekly menu from our varied list of delicious meals.
Customize Your Menu

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Hear what others are saying

Supporting local small business and receiving fresh, delicious meal kits in return-- what could be better than late? The national meal services couldn't compare with their 2 hour prep times. Prefare has helped us survive infancy and we love them.

Sam S.

I have tried many other food delivery companies, PREFARE IS BY FAR THE BEST!  The food is hand delivered, not shipped for days from outta state! Prefare even texts you when about to deliver your order. The food is fresh and flavorful! My family loves the new recipes! Quick to prep and the portions are prefect. Little mess and very little clean up! I tell everyone I can about this great company!

Jen B.

I started this meal delivery three weeks ago and after using three other services (Green Chef, Blue Apron, and Dream Dinners) this is by far the best. The food is fresh, easy, and tastes great.

Danielle S.

Super impressed! Great company to deal with! The food is amazing.. Dinner comes together super family loves the no stress new flavor..healthy meals!

Emily M.

Actually Commitment Free

It's not another subscription service. Receive weekly auto deliveries
or opt for the pay-as-you-go option at any point.
Customize Your Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the meals?

Our Culinary Director, Susan Ardito, has over 30 years of experience working in food service with several restaurant concepts. After successfully running her own restaurant in New York, she joined Prefare in 2015.

Susan and her team of skilled chefs proudly and meticulously create gourmet, yet easy to prepare dishes that complement the seasons. From a warm butternut squash risotto perfect in December to the signature Chicken Piccata with Caprese salad in July, you’ll love her local flavors.

Feel free to contact the culinary team with food related questions at:

How much does it cost per serving?

Each serving averages out to just under $11.00.  

For comparison to dining out and delivery services, our actual cost per meal is around $8.89, when delivery fees and taxes are excluded. What a deal right?

Where does Prefare deliver?

We service the entire Denver Metro corridor and beyond!  This means we go as far north as Fort Collins, then all the way south to Castle Rock.  We also deliver to communities around Evergreen and Golden.

Our carefully calibrated refrigerated vans enable long distances while also eliminated all the burdensome cardboard packaging and annoying ice packs that so many other services rely upon.

When are meals delivered?

We currently offer Saturday, Sunday, or Monday for delivery by 9 AM.   Meals arrive perfectly chilled from our refrigerated vans on the morning of your selected delivery day and we carefully place each meal in a cooler we provide to you totally free of charge.

Mountain communities default to Saturdays at this time while apartments get delivery during the day on Monday.

How flexible is the ordering platform?

Our technology platform fits to your changing lifestyle and enables complete customization.  This means you can use the pay-as-you-go option (default your weekly menu to zero meals each week) or switch over to a subscription at a click of the button at any point in time.

The ordering process is identical to ordering from a restaurant menu, with no restrictions based on your account settings.  

For ease and planning, we have over 15 rotating dishes posted over a month out at any given time.

Can I skip a week or more?

You can certainly do this!  When you are gone for an extended period of time, you can change to pay-as-you-go in your settings, which means we default your weekly menu to zero meals.

What do you mean by minimal waste?

We deliver each meal in a compact, fully recycled plastic container no bigger than a six pack, which is designed to feed two.  By creating a demand for reuse of plastic, we are confident that less of it will end up in landfills as we begin the journey to a more sustaining economy.

As we use delivery vans, you no longer have to deal with insulated cardboard megaboxes.   You simply reserve a cooler to be delivered free of charge.  We reuse all ice packs,.

Lastly, we are aggressively looking to eliminate all virgin plastic by the new year, offer net-zero items through our service, as well as offset a large portion of our emissions.

What kind of variety is offered each week?

We currently offer 15 choices each week with new items constantly in development. We started our offering with meal kits but have expanded into salads, snacks, and even brunch!

Our broad selection of meals has something for everyone from carnivores to vegans, with each category also featuring an array of family friendly and one pan meals.

Seasonal menus throughout the year ensure you never get bored with your choices!

Can you accommodate my diet and allergies?

Each of our detailed meal descriptions list the common allergens which they contain.  We currently track wheat (gluten), dairy, soy, egg, tree nuts (including coconut), peanuts, fish, and shellfish.

Please note: Food has been prepared in a kitchen that uses products containing wheat, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish and eggs, and may contain traces of these allergens.

Do you provide nutritional information?

We are currently working to make full nutritional information available but have not yet completed the process.
There is a Keto diet choice weekly, as well as lower calorie choices indicated (500 to 600 calories per serving) when appropriate."

What are your sourcing standards?

Prefare operates in a USDA run facility and has the highest sourcing, and quality control procedures in place.

Proudly supporting local, we have partnered with farmers, bakeries, and tortilla makers to bring you the best of what Colorado has to offer. We buy organic produce when it makes sense and carefully monitor every ingredient that comes into our kitchen to ensure we use clean, preservative free items.

Meat and poultry are always hormone and antibiotic free and of top quality. Seafood must pass our rigorous standard of sustainably sourced, whether wild caught or farm raised.

Have a favorite local producer you'd like us to check out? Send an email to with the details.